The Top Cleaning Products for a Spotless Home Clean

Ultimate Cleaning Product Guide: Sparkle Your Home from Corner to Corner

A thorough house clean requires more than just elbow grease; it requires the right tools and products. With countless options lining the shelves of supermarkets, choosing the best cleaning products can be overwhelming. CleanMyPlace, a leading service that has completed over 70,000 cleans so far, is here are our top recommendations of products that make cleaning seamless and leave your home spotless.

Streamline Ironing with the Russell Hobbs Steam Genie

russell hobbs steam genie
Russell Hobbs Steam Genie

Let’s face it—ironing isn’t everyone’s favourite chore. If you want to speed up this chore, and perhaps even enjoy it, consider investing in the Russell Hobbs Steam Genie Aroma 28040. Priced at £40 on Amazon, this steamer effortlessly eliminates creases from your clothes without the time-consuming effort of traditional ironing.

Bedroom Bliss with Lenor Crease Releaser

Spritz your bed with Lenor crease releaser and watch as wrinkles magically disappear within half an hour. Not only does it leave your bed looking impeccably neat, but it also imparts a fresh, inviting scent.

This wonderful product is available in a number of scents depending on your preference:

lenor crease releaser
Lenor Crease Releaser

Versatile Cleaning Power with Dettol Bacterial Wipes

Dettol Bacterial Wipes are a must-have for any cleaning enthusiast. These versatile wipes tackle a range of surfaces, from countertops to TV screens, with ease. Opt for the standard variety or indulge in the citrus-scented options for a refreshing twist.

Crystal Clear Windows with The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner

the pink stuff window cleaner
The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner

Achieve streak-free windows with The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner, available at prices below £10, and sometimes at unbeatable prices (we checked out Home Bargains and found it for £1!). Pair it with Spontex Window Pads for impeccable results, endorsed by our expert cleaning team.

Effortless Bathroom Shine with Flash Bathroom Spray

Bid farewell to tedious scrubbing with Flash Bathroom Cleaner, your go-to solution for a sparkling clean bath. You can also add a touch of Febreeze for that super fresh aroma of a clean home! Pair it with Bathmatic Sponges for an extra touch of freshness and convenience.

Gleaming Kitchen Sink with CIF Cream Cleaner and Minky Cloth

Banish grime from your kitchen sink with CIF Cream Cleaner and a reliable Minky cloth. This dynamic duo ensures a gleaming finish without a scratch in sight. For added shine, complete the process with CIF Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Spray.

Elevate your cleaning routine with these essential products, carefully curated by CleanMyPlace. From effortless wrinkle removal to streak-free windows and sparkling surfaces, these products guarantee a complete cleanup of your home. Say goodbye to cleaning woes and hello to a spotless, inviting living space.

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