Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been serving local communities since 2006 and have heard all sorts of questions from prospective customers. To help you out, we’ve answered the top questions below, covering the most common queries to ensure you feel confident choosing our services.

Certainly, especially if you’re someone who appreciates returning to a spotless home without having exerted any effort! Whether you’re a professional working long hours, a busy parent juggling children’s schedules and extracurricular activities, or simply someone with too much on their plate and not enough time to handle it all, house cleaning might not be a priority.

No one desires a cluttered home, but chores aren’t exactly enjoyable either – that’s where CleanMyPlace steps in. We have the answers. You expect top-notch house cleaning services, and CleanMyPlace connects you with the finest house cleaners. In terms of cost, our service is both affordable and offers excellent value for your money. Plus, let’s face it – gaining a few extra hours to spend with your children at the end of the day is truly invaluable.

See what’s included in a professional cleaning here.

Most cleaners typically rely on public transportation. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to provide a vacuum, mop, and bucket at the property. If you have a cordless vacuum, please ensure it’s fully charged prior to your cleaner’s arrival.

Yes: The cleaning service is covered by commercial insurance for up to £2m in the event of accidental damage to your property by the cleaner. This is in additional to your household insurance.

All CleanMyPlace cleaners can speak fluent English at a minimum. You need a cleaner who can read and write English and talk to you over the phone or on a text. All of our cleaners have to be able to do that easily for you.

We continually advertise for quality cleaners to join the CleanMyPlace platform. The selection process is thorough and includes a telephone interview and personal meeting with the cleaner. This gives us the opportunity to check their personal standards and complete a full identity check. We also follow up with two references from previous clients or employers. Honesty, reliability and good cleaning ability are key skills that we look for…oh and a lovely personality too.

Yes, for repeat cleans we strive to provide the same cleaner each time, giving you that consistent top notch service. Also, if you ever want to change your cleaner for whatever reason, that’s fine too!

For those times that your cleaner is off sick or away, then we can provide a cover cleaner for you at a time to suit you. This comes as standard with every CleanMyPlace service. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee same-day cover but will try our best to ensure your place stays clean without interruption.

If a cleaner can’t work, due to illness or similar, we’ll let you know right away. We do have a cover team who can often help, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee same-day cover.

This is up to you. If you can hide a key somewhere or would like to share a key with your cleaner, there’s no need for you to be home. Or, feel free to stick around for your clean.

Yes, you can leave any notes for your cleaner in your booking, or simply let your cleaner or our team know what you would like done. You can specify which rooms you would like to be cleaned (or left as they are), as well as any other specific requirements needed in addition to our standard service offering.

You can make a booking through the CleanMyPlace website. We’ll collect a few personal details (like your name and phone number), your address (so your cleaner is able to find your home), and your payment information. After that, we’ll send a confirmation email prior to your clean. Your cleaner will clean your place as per your requirements. And relax!

When you book, you can see the recommended hours based on the size of your place, but it’s up to. you how long you book for. For all cleans, a minimum time of 2.0 hours applies to ensure the cleaners can earn well and cover their costs.

If needed, yes! If you want ironing included, or other extras such as cleaning inside cabinets or the inside of the fridge, this can be included. Please specify this in the booking notes. 

We understand that schedules can be unpredictable, but cancelling or rescheduling a booking on short notice can result in a loss of income for our cleaners. As such, we have implemented a fee system for bookings that are cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours (but more than 2 hours) of the scheduled start time.

Feel free to contact our team using our contact form here or call us on 0800 298 5940.